Solesi S.p.A. obtains registration in the National Register of Environmental Managers for category 10B class E (friable asbestos)


7 May 2019

Solesi S.p.A. has been registered in the Register since 2017 for the remediation of building materials containing asbestos bound in cementitious or retinoid matrices. In 2020, the company acquired new technical and management skills that allow all companies to also obtain registration in Category 10B to operate even in the presence of friable asbestos. From May 2019 the company can, in fact, carry out remediation activities on friction materials, insulating materials (panels, cupels, paper and cardboard, textiles, sprayed materials, putties, enamels, bitumen, glues, gaskets, other insulating materials) , pressure vessels, discarded equipment, other incoherent materials containing asbestos.

Access the page of the National Register of Environmental Managers to view our registrations through the link below:

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