Solesi S.p.A. achieves the SA8000 certification, a management system for social responsibility


19 August 2020

SA 8000 is the acronym for Social Accountability 8000, a globally recognized reference standard, born in 1997 with the aim of ensuring optimal working conditions.

It is an accredited standard that responds to the needs of organizations that intend to stand out for their commitment to sustainable development with particular attention to social issues (human rights, development, enhancement, training and professional growth of people, health and safety of workers, non-discrimination , work of minors and young people) and its requirements also extend to suppliers and subcontractors.

Our continuous improvement could only include this important milestone in the corporate strategy, that is the commitment to issues of social responsibility, aware of its social role and aware of the importance of human resources as an added value of corporate assets and performance.

This commitment has resulted in the development of a Social Responsibility Management System in accordance with the SA8000 standard, certified in August 2020, to strongly testify the ethical principles that have always distinguished the company.

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