The SOLESI S.p.A. is a general construction company who has been working for more than thirty-five years in civil and industrial construction both in Italy and Europe, founded in 1979 in Siracusa and here it is still present today with its Headquarter.

Solesi SpA

In recent years Solesi has developed several branch offices for site management in Poland, France, Denmark, Belgium, Slovakia and continues to expand throughout Europe.

An impotant development in the nuclear sector saw the company engaged for Slovenské Elektrárne in the construction of Mochovce plant in Slovakia.

SOLESI S.p.A. has wished to expand its field of action by diversifying the areas of activity in which it operates, it is able to offer a complete service of planning, scheduling and realization of complex works and plants (also with the form “turnkey”) offering to the Client significant economic and organizational benefits due to the rational use of their resources.

In the last years the company has more than doubled the value of production and has consolidated the level reached by laying the foundations for further growth in the near future.

The Group

SOLESI S.p.A. is the first company that created IREM group, which was founded in 1982 in Syracuse. The present composition originates from the wish of IREM Group’s management to establish different companies with specialized know-how and referring to a single group Leader.

IREM Group provides complete Services for Planning, Supply, Construction and Maintenance of Civil and Industrial Plants and is active in the following areas:

  • Mechanical assemblies of chemical plants, petrochemical plants, gas plants, power plants and other industrial plants
    • Pipes laying
    • Planning, manufacturing and assembly of steel structural works
    • Planning, manufacturing and assembly of piping
    • Planning, manufacturing and assembly of Tanks, Cryogenic Tanks
    • Electrical – instrumental works
    • EPC of jackets, deck and topside for Off-Shore platforms
    • Manufacture and assembly of Pre Assembled Racks (PAR’s)
    • Manufacture and assembly of Pre Assembled Units (PAU’s)
    • Civil works for industrial plants
    • Traditional Civil Construction (Shopping Centers, Residential Buildings, Roads, Underpasses, etc.)
    • Detail engineering
    • Piping prefabrication

IREM Group operates on different plant types: Petrochemicals Plants, Power Plants, Nuclear Power Plants, LNG Plant, Turbogas Groups, Gas and Oil Pipelines, Chemical Plant, Offshore.

IREM Group employs some thousands of people. The total capacity of the group reaches 3,500,000 man-hours per year. Below is a scheme showing the main IREM Group companies

IREM Group structure


Value of revenues of the last 10 years


16,9 ml


23 ml


28,4 ml


25,2 ml


39,3 ml


37,4 ml


29 ml


42,7 ml


54 ml


47 ml


34,5 ml


Solesi has a stable organizational structure, over the years has consolidated its staff and today it employs highly qualified staff with a long experience in the field.

Nevertheless, Solesi does not neglect the importance of renewing and developing its human patrimony with specialized, young and dynamic staff, constantly updated to be in step with new processes and new technologies.

The good execution of the work is guaranteed, in addition to the use of specialized personnel, by the use of suitable and efficient machines and equipment.

Following this thought, Solesi has over the years enriched its fleet of vehicles and today has machines for ground movements, hoisting vehicles, trucks and vans as well as a wide range of equipment for construction works and for the execution of mechanical and civil activities.


Solesi has over the years developed specific skills in the following activities:

A solid contribution to the fire protection security sector is ensured by fireproof products, SOLESI has acquired specialization in Pyrocrete 241 application. Certificate nr: IT 2016001 “Qualified as Pyrocrete 241 Product Application Company

Real estate management
SOLESI S.p.A. has planned and realized civil works starting from the purchase of land until final real estate management, passing from a planning phase. The accurate planning and design, is carried out by the internal staff of the technical office composed of experienced engineers and architects.

Site reclamation and asbestos reclamation
SOLESI is registered to the National Environmental Managers Division in categories 9 cl. C (sites reclamation) and 10A cl. D (reclamation of goods containing asbestos carried out on the following materials: building materials containing asbestos bonded in cement matrices or resinoids).

SOLESI’s permissions combined with its Integrated Management system enable it to ensure rational waste management and safe deployment; the environmental restoration of polluted sites, while respecting the safeguarding and protection of public health, of natural, environmental and landscaping values, is carried out in accordance with D. Leg.vo 152/2006 s.m.i. and in the implementation of Community waste directives.

Steel structural works
SOLESI is certified according to ISO 3804-2 Welding of Steel Structural Works, certified n. 3834-606 / 14 / S

Industrial Constructions and Maintenance


Networks and Pipelines


Residential and Commercial Buildings




Real Estate


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