Our values

Solesi considers sustainability as one of the values ​​underlying its corporate culture. Sustainable management as a business model and development of internal strategies and processes represents an essential element for our activities. In order to achieve its objectives, Solesi S.p.A. has adopted and implemented an Integrated Management System, which has allowed the organization to optimize and harmonize all management processes and business activities, while ensuring compliance with various national and international standards.


The application of international standards, as well as compliance with legal requirements and internal regulations, are a fundamental, as well as effective, aspect to prevent any criticality in the field of safety. SOLESI SpA has implemented since 2010 a Management System for Safety and Health at Work in compliance with the OHSAS 18001-2007 Standard first and ISO 45001 now in order to improve safety, reduce risks in the workplace and improve health and well-being of workers, allowing to increase company performance, as well as to comply with regulatory requirements. Since 2010, our management system has also complied with the VCA / SCC (Safety Health and the Environment Checklist Contractors) requirements, to the operating company in the context of large industrial plants in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

The company focus is therefore to implement all possible preventive actions to protect the safety and health of workers, in order to achieve the “ZERO ACCIDENTS” objective, the reduction of “NEAR MISSES” and the prevention of injuries and occupational diseases. . Over the years SOLESI has obtained several awards for its performance in the field of safety on construction sites:

  • Award for the best HSE performance in the ROG Project (May 2016 – TOTAL site of Antwerp);
  • Adward to Solesi’s Supervisor for outstanding safety performance -May 2013- TS LNG site- Terminal Méethanier de Dunkerque;
  • Trophy Security Contractors Enterprise (2013 – ITALGAS site of Mestre and Venice)
  • Trophy Security Contractor Entrer (2012 – ITALGAS site of Mestre and Venice)
  • Bronze Pennant for Excellent Safety Performance (2012;  AIR PRODUCT site of GENT);


The Quality System was the first to be implemented by SOLESI in 2003; since then the organization has improved it up to the establishment, in 2015, of the Integrated System currently in force, which has made it possible to optimize the performance and company resources across the board.
Since 2014, SOLESI has also obtained the ISO 3834-2 certification for metal carpentry welding works.
Solesi S.p.A. has always been from a market-oriented and customer-oriented organization, i.e. a company that is committed and is committed every day to providing excellent quality in its achievements and competitive services to meet the needs and expectations of clients. For this reason, Quality plays a key role in being able to successfully guide the work of all functions.
The focus on innovation and the improvement of work processes has stimulated the company to constantly improve and make the culture of quality, resource growth and proactive attitude an asset capable of generating value, a challenge for the constant strengthening of its competitiveness.


Solesi S.p.A. since 2006 it has adopted an Environmental Management System certified according to the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard. Today, environmental management has been incorporated into the company’s Integrated Management system. Environmental sustainability stems from the company’s desire to ensure that every company process is constantly monitored and its impact on the environment is minimized. The Management defines its own policy in compliance with environmental regulations; being competitive means aiming to differentiate the characteristics of the services through constant research aimed at improving business processes also from the point of view of their environmental impact. The Management’s objective is to finalize the efforts of all staff to a careful management of issues related to the environment that must be pursued with: compliance with applicable laws and regulations; a vision oriented to the need to reduce pollution and environmental impact; the commitment by the entire organization to continuous improvement and prevention of pollution. The company’s growing investment in the development of skills in the environmental sector has also made it possible to engage in the research and application of improvement actions in terms of energy efficiency and has made it possible to implement and certify the corporate system in accordance with the international standard ISO 50001 .


The company wants to demonstrate to its stakeholders that it keeps under control the risk of corruption and develops a culture of trasparency, compliance and integrity.
The growing awareness of the damage caused by the corruption has prompted the definition of strategies and actions aimed at reducing the risk and the impacts, also taking into account the usefulness, in the face of the globalization of crime, of having a transactional regulatory tool to combat the phenomena corrupt.
The company has, in fact, decided to implement its integrated system in accordance with the UNI ISO 37001 standard and to certify the management system for the prevention of corruption, which specifies the measures and controls adopted by the organization in order to monitor its business activities and to increase the effectiveness of preventing the phenomenon of corrupt.

Social responsability

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) is, according to EU Communication no. 681 of 2011, “the responsibility of businesses for the impact they have on society”. Socially responsible entrepreneurship means meeting customer needs and knowing how to manage the expectations of other stakeholders, such as staff, suppliers and the local community of reference at the same time. In line with this orientation Solesi S.p.A. has taken steps to undertake a socially responsible “management style”, oriented to the involvement of stakeholders and has led the company to start the process for obtaining the Ethical Certification according to the International Standard SA8000. Through the implementation of the Social Responsibility Management System, in compliance with the requirements of the SA8000 standard in force, Solesi S.p.A. undertakes to respect the most rigorous standards of ethical and professional conduct towards employees, collaborators and all company interlocutors: customers, suppliers, partners, institutions, the local community. Read our SA8000 Policy here.

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