Respect for HSE-Q policies is for SOLESI S.p.A. one of the fundamental principles of corporate culture and represents a pillar of the Group’s efficiency. Work Safety and and Health of the Workers, Environmental Protection, and Organizational Processes managed in accordance with Quality rules are indispensable elements for our activities to which specific specialized technical and technical resources are assigned.

In order to achieve its goals, Solesi S.p.A. has adopted and implemented an Integrated Quality, Environment and Security Management System that has enabled the organization to optimize and harmonize all management processes and business operations, while ensuring compliance with ISO9001, ISO14001; OHSAS 18001, ISO 3834-2 and the Ethical Model according to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.


The sole Administrator of SOLESI S.p.A. believes that the application of technical safety standards, as well as compliance with the legal requirements and internal regulations, are essential for effective safety prevention.

To comply with current safety regulations, SOLESI S.p.A. implement and carry out from 2010 a Workplace Safety Management System (SGSSL) compliant with OHSAS 18001-2007 Standards for to manage the requirements of current legislation on health and safety of workers, pursuing the continuous improvement of the safety level of SSL requirements.
Today, the system has been integrated with Quality and Environmental System (Integrated Management System).
The Safety System adopted by SOLESI S.p.A is documented in the Integrated Management Manual and in the Operations Instructions and Procedures issued in support of it.

All employees (managers, cadres, employees, workers) in relation to their duties and authorities are required to participate actively so that what is prescribed in the Manual, the Procedures and indicated in the Operating Instructions is implemented.
The core of the system is that all possible precautionary actions are taken to protect the safety and health of workers, so as to reduce the likelihood of occurrence of INCIDENTS and / or ACCIDENTS for achieving the objective of “ZERO INCIDENTI”, reduction of the “NEAR MISSES” and prevention of injuries and occupational deseases.

SOLESI has been several awards for its buildingsites without incident:
Award for the best HSE performance in the ROG Projest in the month of May 2016 – TOTAL site of Antwerp;
Trophy Security Contractors Enterprise 2013 – ITALGAS site of Mestre / Venice
Trophy Security Contractor Entrer 2012 – ITALGAS site of Mestre / Venice
Bronze Pennant for Excellent Safety Performance 2012; 100.000 man-hours with-out a recordable incident – AIR PRODUCT site of GENT
Adward May 2013 to Solesi’s Supervisor for outstanding safety performance at Terminal Méethanier de Dunkerque – TS lng site of Dunkerque


The Quality System was the first to be implemented by SOLESI in 2003; since then the organization has been able to focus on it until reaching the current Integrated System which has as its ultimate goal the attainment of total quality. The aim of our organization, even if ambitious, is to move from Quality Control (verifies that work already completed is in line with the required parameters) to Quality Certainty to ensure that Quality is inherent in the production process and through which only the work satisfying the requested parameters can be completed.

In recent years SOLESI obtained ISO 3834-2 certified for metal carpentry welding.

For years, SOLESI has been certified in Italy for participation in public works bids under D.P.R. 207/2010. SOLESI’s SOA attestation covers several sectors: Civil and Industrial Buildings; Roads; Waterworks, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, irrigation and evacuation works; inter-work, systems, etc.


La Solesi S.p.A. since 2006 has an Environmental Management System certified according to UNI EN ISO 14001 rule.
Today, the system has been integrated with the Quality Management System and the Security Management System.
The compliance with the environmental regulations arises from the company’s will to ensure that every company’s process is constantly monitored to minimize the environmental impact of its activities.
The Management defines its policy in compliance with Environmental rules; to be competitive means to differentiate the features of services through a constant search for the improvement of business processes even from the point of view of their environmental impact.
The purpose of the Management is to finalize the efforts of all staff to a careful management of the issues related to the environment, which should be pursued with:
• respecting the laws and regulations in force;
• a vision oriented to the need to reduce pollution and the environmental impact;
• commitment from the whole organization to continuous improvement and prevention of pollution.

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