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SOLESI S.p.A. is a general construction company that has been operating for more than thirty-five years in the civil and industrial buildings industry both in Italy and in Europe. It was founded in 1979 in Syracuse and it is still present today with its Headquarter.
Solesi S.p.A. is able to offer a complete service of planning, designing and realization of complex turnkey works and installations, offering the Client considerable economic and organizational benefits due to the rational use of its own resources or to those of the IREM GROUP, also with the only implementing responsibility.
La Solesi S.p.A. performs its activity in the following areas:

Industrial Constructions and Maintenance  |  Residential and Commercial Buildings   |   Fireproofing    |Infrastructures   |   Renovation   |  Networks and Pipelines


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Sede legale

Via Stentinello, 9 int. 13
96100 Siracusa
Tel.: 0931/751411
Fax: 0931/756944

Sede commerciale

Via Carlo De Angeli, 3
20141 Milano Tel.: 02/6694125
Fax: 02/6694145

Branch estere

Belgium Branch - Brussels
Denmark Branch - Roskilde
France Branch - Lyon
Poland Branch - Poznan
Slovakia Branch - Bratislava

Gruppo irem

Via Stentinello, 9
96100 Siracusa
Tel.: 0931/787011
Fax: 0931/756875